Rollback – We had to roll back our website.

We had to roll back our website to a previous version (after a lot of edits and modifications) following a hacking attempt on your website, this resulted in us rolling back to a previous version that we had saved externally on my personal computer.

Efforts will be made to bring it back up to how it was before the attack, I have no idea why these people attack a company that is trying to get off the ground and is not making a profit at this point in its operation.

Never the less we will continue to push forward and take this as a hiccup on the road to better things.


Here’s the Start of the Playlist for the Getting started with the Skyline Game Engine

Started some videos for the Getting started Playlist for the Skyline Game Engine.

As a contribute to the development of the Skyline Game Engine we have been discussing updating our series videos now that the 2nd generation of the engine has enough features to begin to prototype game mechanics even though not all of the features have been ported from the first iteration of the engine as of yet and we have been waiting for some of the features to return we think its a good place to start and get people interested in game development a starting place.

The difference in this indie engine and the AAA engines out there is that it is royalty free and this is a big draw for indie developers meaning that there is a one off free to buy the engine and you do not have to give a large share of your profits when your selling your end game to the engine creators.

Small update – engine side

While development of the game engine is quite slow and porting of the features from the olid version is going at a snails pace that is slower than we expected this means that our start date has been pushed back from summer to probably later this year, this is before the engine we have chosen is able to create a playable game.

Saying this we are developing scripts for game mechanics but we are hindered by the gui system needing a good looking at before its fully functional.

We are very limited at the moment to what can be done in the game engine as we believed that it was able to create games because it came out of beta earlier this year.

We are in the 3rd year of waiting for this engine and even though it’s more stable and prettier than it ever has been but the fact of the matter is that it had many more features in the 1st generation of the engine than it does now. To the point that the ocean system has been taken away and now have to use water planes that are basically crap compared to the odd system.

  • We are hoping to get at least one of our projects started with this engine but it all depends on when features start to get ported over as these features are why we chose and paid for the engine in the first place.

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Helping others into Development

We wanted to show people how good the Skyline Game Engine actually is and have decided to put together a series of tutorials after the next major update has been pushed to the public branch.

We own the Pro Studio Version of the development software and basically in our opinion it is the best and easiest to use out of all of the indie development suites that we have tried/owned.

We actively support the development of the Skyline Game Engine  or SGE as its known in the community and have done for around 3 years since I stumbled upon it through a google search for indie game engiens.

We feel that this little gem does not get enough publication nor advertisement, so many developers or gamer’s interested in making there own game simply do not know of its existence but we aim to show how easy it is to create game mechanics and put together a few different game styles for people to base there games off or to help them gain some insight of how powerful the development platform actually is.

We are looking forward to getting to work on these videos and to help people in there dreams of making there own game that can be played by your friends or sold.

Skyline Game Engine Home Page:
Skyline Discord


Mechanics – Weather

We have most of the scripting done on this and testing the script has given us that push to get more mechanics done for the project.

We are currently looking at starting other mechanics for the game

Engine Update – Dev’s working on the vegetation Eco system

Food cache screenshot01

Great news for us here is that the developers of the engine that we are using are recreating the vegetation eco system, this means that we will soon be able to start designing our levels and scenes.

With this news we are gearing up our modelling pipeline and getting some placeholder assets made that will be updated to a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing asset(s) in the future, we are doing this so that we can start working on our projects and get the story written and produced and so that we can iron out any bugs sooner and just replace the assets within the game at a later date.

We think this workflow will be better for us in the long run as we will be able to hit the grey phase of development on levels faster.


Resource gathering

Mud, sand, rocks and more

We have been busy gaining our 3D scene data while we had a break in the UK weather and we have started processing some of these into materials for use in our upcoming projects.

Its been a slow process for us as we have to wait for the weather to clear up but we are doing what we can.

Waiting for the features that we desperately want from Skyline Game Engine at the moment so we are limited to what we can be doing.


Even though we have been waiting for the collection of resources and the devs over at the Skyline Game engine to get vegetation environment system back into the engine we have not been sat here with our hand tied.

We have been looking into AI and how we want to proceed with that and with that in mind we are wanting to use navmesh data to detect corners where cover is so we do not have to spend hours manually placing cover objects in a scene and and coding for each one.

Using the navmesh data retrieval method we could only pull the data that is needed and when its needed i.e. close to the NPC when the player is detected, this way we dont have to have loads of objects with scripts attached as it can be resource heavy, will see what the devs say.

Once the environment vegetation editor is back up and running in the engine we will be able to knock out scenes at a decent rate instead of placing each one with the Game Objects editor that they have, then finding that they are stacked above the ground and not where you wanted them, this can get time consuming and annoying, so I like the old systems of environment editors…

Not like the GO (game objects) system does not have its uses, it does and it is great for level designers when it comes to placing objects in a detailed area like a city where cars can be stamped onto the scene at the terrain height or lamp posts but for placing grass, trees if your doing a load of them can be very slow…

Update – 07 Feb 2018

Staff Area

We have created a staff area because we intend to get more staff in eventually and while we are updating our web sites and services we should at least get something basic in.

The staff portal includes, private chats, project management with a system similar to the Bug tracker/road map with milestones and completion dates etc.

We have also picked a eCommerce platform that we would like to work with in the future and we have started to get the basics up and running so it is not as much to do later on when we have products and assets to sell to the public and other indie game developers having a basic form of this will save us time in the future.

Materials and Objects

Well with the UK weather been what it is we haven’t made much progress on this side of things but we have done some more on the scripting side of things..

Mechanics (scripting)

We have spend a little time on the environment weather patterns script, This script is the basis of the weather in Resistance Iron Fist and has the following features:

  • Days Months and years are recorded.
  • Humidity and temperature determines crop growth (feature for future projects).
  • Humidity/weather type effects soil health.
  • Temperature has an effect on the player, such as if the player is not suitably clothed and its snowing/cold or the player is wet then the player starts to loose health at a variable rate.
  • 4 seasons just like in real life, 12 months and days as in real life.
  • Multiplier for how fast the days go is settable in the settings menu.
  • Height of the sun/moon differs for summer and winter.
  • longer days in the summer and longer nights in the winter.
  • Different particle effects for each weather type, ground fog, height fog etc.

We would love to include shaders to enhance the weather effects but that will come at another date as this is only the first iteration of this script.

3D Scan data for Game Objects and Materials

Cave scene in game screen shot

3D Scan data for Game Objects and Materials

Starting to collect the 3D scan data so that we can photo realistic assets and materials for our games and projects, this is a difficult and costly in time as the British weather rarely gives you the right conditions to be able to get out there with the equipment so we have a keen eye out of the window and jump at every chance we get.

Once we have a sizeable library of 3D scan data we will then set about converting it to usable data for game development.

Anyhow, below is a couple of examples of 3D scan data that we have collected that will be used in upcoming projects.